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September 18 2015


The Different Types Of General Dentistry Services


General dentistry refers to all the procedures to keep the health of the teeth and gums. Its goal is rid of the diseases from the mouth and to repair damaged teeth. General dentists educate the patients regarding how to care for their gums and teeth at home in order to keep them healthy. - best cedar park general dentistry practice

What Are The Examples Of General Dentistry Services?

General dentists are trained and educated on the different procedures relating to the teeth and gums. They do not just concentrate on one area; they provide various kinds of dental services for all ages. Some of the services offered by general dentists are the following:

1. Root canal treatment

This action removes the infection from the teeth’s gum without affecting the teeth. The treatment is focused on the roots found beneath the teeth. The teeth is going to be dilated and drained, along with the problem will be cured using dental fillings and antibiotics. Root canal procedure is an excellent way to save the tooth from being extracted.

2. Dental cleaning

This can be needed when food and stains accumulate about the teeth. You have to eliminate these stains simply because they may cause holes as time passes. These holes can get invaded by bacteria and so they may cause tooth decay. During teeth cleaning, the dentist will apply antimicrobial answers to clean the teeth and gums. Afterwards, the cavities will be closed up using amalgam paste.

3. Dentures

Also, they are called as false teeth. They are used to replace for the decayed and lost teeth. They can be removed and put back each time a person wants to. Dentures are uniquely designed based on the measurements for every patient.

4. Dental sealants

They're used to protect tooth from getting decayed. They're white plastic coatings placed on the surfaces of the teeth. Keeping the teeth away from food particles help in preventing the buildup of plaque and bacteria that could cause diseases.

5. Temporomandibular joint therapy
This action is needed when to manage the disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). TMJ connects top of the jaw bone with all the lower jaw bone. The TMJ disorders can include arthritis of the joint, clenching of the teeth and tightening with the jaw muscles. Therapy is given by the general dentists for such cases.

6. Dental implants

They are used to replace the missing teeth. They're made from titanium. Dental implants are inserted from the roots of the missing teeth plus they are fused with the bones.

Other than the dental procedures mentioned previously, general dentists can also be giving home care instructions for your teeth as well as nutrition counseling. They advise the patients about what foods are safe to the teeth and what foods ought to be avoided.

It is important to use a regular dental check up because only the dentists contain the tools and ability to eliminate the plaques that may cause damage to your teeth. They also understand the proper care and appropriate treatment for your condition. - best cedar park general dentistry practice

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